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Parenting Tip: How to Handle an Aggressive Teen

Parenting Tip: How to Handle an Aggressive TeenTeens who cannot regulate their frustration are more likely to have significant problems. They will struggle in school, relationships, and professions.

While anger is a natural and healthy emotion, understanding how to handle it is crucial. Teens must learn how to deal with and articulate their outrage in a socially acceptable manner. Primal Point LLC can help your family and teen handle anger and aggressiveness accordingly.

  • You are Your Child’s Role Model
    You can’t expect them to be calm and reasoned if you start shouting and getting angry. Instead, you must remain calm. If necessary, you may need to go away from the scenario for a few minutes until you are confident that you can remain cool.
  • Let Them Express Their Point of View and Listen
    Allow them to express themselves and listen to what they have to say. Don’t be tempted to yell at them. Allow them to make their case before responding calmly to what they have stated.
  • Give Them Space
    Once they’ve calmed down, you might want to tell them what happened and ask that they let you find them some assistance.
  • Set Clear Boundaries and Stick to Them
    They need to know that you will uphold the boundaries you establish. They must understand that any form of violence is wrong.
  • Make Counseling Appointments
    If your teenager believes that there is a problem and that they are willing to get help from behavioral health care providers in Parkville, Maryland, then do so.

Because we are concerned about your behavioral health in Maryland, we offer competent behavioral health and primary care.

If you wish to learn more about our primary care, give us a call at 410-870-1590 today!

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