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What Should You Do If You Feel a Relapse Coming On?

What Should You Do If You Feel a Relapse Coming On?

First of all, whether you are making headways in your mental wellness journey or struggling along the way, know that we are proud of you. Primal Point LLC, one of many trustworthy behavioral health care providers in Parkville, Maryland, always supports behavioral health patients who reach out for professional help. Take the fact that you’re reading this today as a sign of strength and progress and that your struggle is valid.

The recovery process is not the same for everyone. But one fact that stays true to all is that it is never linear. There will be moments when you find yourself on the brink of taking a step back.

Just know that relapsing does not undo months or years of medication management, lifestyle adjustment, or self-care. It is simply an obstacle everyone goes through at some point, and it, too, will pass.

From our experience in behavioral health in Maryland, we can safely recommend the following tips for when you feel like relapsing.

  • Find your safe zone and relax.
    Relapsing often happens when you are under a lot of fatigue or stress. It may be time to slow down and unwind from your routine to recuperate your energy.
  • Decompress.
    This is something we always recommend in maintaining behavioral health. Find an activity that lets you let loose in a healthy way. This can be art, music, taking a walk, visiting a favorite spot, journaling, or exercising.
  • Reach out.
    Don’t just keep trusted friends and family on your speed dial. Keep your mental health provider and the nearest crisis center on your list of contacts, as well.
  • Remember.
    What you’re experiencing is not a punishment. It is only an issue that needs to be addressed, nothing more. Always remember that you deserve to be kind to yourself and get the chance to stand up again.

We reiterate: that your struggle is valid. For more helpful information, contact our center of behavioral health and primary care today.

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