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The Tree of Addiction: Why Are You Being Addicted?

The Tree of Addiction: Why Are You Being Addicted?

Sometimes, it is complicated to pinpoint everything about addiction. Its root cause and trigger points why it happened. Addiction is like a tree.

A tree has its branches and roots and a soil it grew in. Every addiction is a different branch of the tree. There are many types of addiction:

  • Drug
  • Work
  • Food
  • Alcohol
  • Gambling

The roots represent the different people that may have influenced a person’s addiction. These are:

  • Hereditary factors
  • Abandonment and abuse
  • Fear and shame
  • Neglect and anger

Lastly, the soil is abuse that provides fertility for the roots to develop with addictions. That is why our behavioral health care providers in Parkville, Maryland, will focus on the roots and the soil. If cutting the branches alone, we will achieve less. It will not solve the problem since the tree is capable of growing new ones. That is why we target our treatment to the roots and soil because, with these two, there is hope.

Primal Point LLC is here to help you cure and recover from your addiction. We provide an integrative treatment that offers a safe and supportive setting through exercise, medication, nutrition, etc.

Our behavioral health and primary care are focused on our client’s overall well-being.

Let our behavioral health in Maryland help you address the underlying issues that led to your addiction. We have outpatient detoxification and drug and alcohol education. Avail of the treatment that you need from us. Schedule an assessment so that we can create a plot a treatment plan for you.

We also provide counseling and other forms of therapy services. Learn more about us here on our website. Call us for urgent concerns.

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