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In Depth Understanding of Trauma

In Depth Understanding of Trauma

Seeing something violent, not feeling secure in your own house or community, getting abused, or living through a calamity such as a fire, a tragic accident, or a typhoon are just a few of the numerous causes of trauma.

Trauma happens when an experience becomes imprinted in our neurological system. Then, when a trigger that reminds us of the initial incident occurs, we relapse into the same worry, dread, and negative thinking that we felt before.

Understanding trauma entails learning how to overcome it or, at the very least, get through it when we encounter it.

  • Ask for support
    Your behavioral health care providers in Parkville, Maryland are always willing to offer their heart, mind, and time to assist and encourage you.
  • Accept your feelings
    Accepting and allowing oneself to feel emotions such as astonishment, rage, and guilt is essential for healing.
  • Get moving
    Exercising can help you feel better by burning off adrenaline and releasing feel-good hormones. If you are having trouble motivating yourself to exercise, start by playing your favorite music and dancing to it.

Following a traumatic incident, feelings of worry, numbness, bewilderment, remorse, and despair usually begin to diminish within a short period. However, if your traumatic stress reaction is severe and interfering with your capacity to work, you may require assistance from Primal Point LLC.

You don’t have to go through this alone; Primal Point LLC, a provider of behavioral health and primary care, can help you with your healing needs through counseling and behavioral health in Maryland. Contact us right away at 410-870-1590; we also provide assistance with behavioral health.

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