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Don’t Be Misled: Misconceptions About Psychotropics

Don’t Be Misled: Misconceptions About Psychotropics

Psychotropics refer to medications used to balance the neurotransmitters in the brain. They play a key part in helping people achieve proper behavioral health. And yet they are subject to a lot of misconceptions and urban legends helped along by sensationalism and the stigma around mental health.

We at Primal Point LLC would like to address that. As your trusted source among many behavioral health care providers in Parkville, Maryland, we can offer insight into debunking some of these misconceptions for those seeking mental health wellness.

  • “Psychiatric medication is addictive.”
    It has to be noted that any medicine that even slightly alters bodily functions can be abused. No proper provider of behavioral health in Maryland would subject their patients to such problems. Psychotropics are only prescribed after a comprehensive evaluation and on a highly controlled basis.
  • “They are just quick fixes.”
    It’s no miracle cure. But sustained psychiatric medication intake provides benefits that can last for decades in conjunction with counseling, support, and lifestyle adjustments.
  • “Relying on medication is a sign of weakness or lack of willpower.”
    Following this logic, those who use wheelchairs, crutches, or other assistive equipment must do without them to be “healthy.” Why should getting help make a person less than they should be?
  • “They turn you into an entirely different person.”
    This irrational belief stems from the way mental illness has been romanticized into oblivion. The simple fact is the “you” that is dealing with behavioral problems is the same “you” that gets treated for them. The medication address those problems to help you be “more yourself.”

Regardless of what others may think, getting medication for your problems is an act of strength. And you deserve to be praised and encouraged for it. We offer medication management and education to those on a psychiatric prescription.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for support and advice. Our behavioral health and primary care team is ready to address your concerns.

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